Thirsty Entertainment is the world’s first digital media company dedicated to using blockchain applications, creating innovative business platforms to package and deliver high-quality content worldwide.


Founded in late 2016, Thirsty Entertainment is developing new ways to distribute digital media with the use of blockchain applications to reward clients for their contributions.

Our operating divisions include the music streaming application, Streams, as well as our audio production business, Thirsty Records. While still in development, each division of our company is designed to complement one and other, encouraging constructive collaboration between networks. Through our services, we seek to give consumers access to on-demand content across multiple platforms & devices.

Our company leads the industry toward adopting digital currencies. We believe that digital currencies are the future of commerce and that free market applications that use digital currencies provide more fair and equal opportunities for clients and consumers. Our aim is to bring about new industry standards for the digital media market by including digital currencies as a part of daily commerce. We know that with new financial technologies we can create unique opportunities for clients and consumers, the likes of which is unprecedented.

Our brands and business are headed by our growing team, who share a passion for new market technologies and digital media and have committed themselves to providing services that transcend those of the past.


Thomas Kohi

Founder & CEO
Born in New Zealand, Thomas is a self-taught entrepreneur with experience in multiple market sectors. Holding certificates in music production and business, he spear-heads the Thirsty Entertainment team. Starting as a trade assistant at the age of 12 and having held a job since then, Thomas prides himself on his excellent work ethic and self-motivation. With experience in management roles, he ensures the Thirsty Entertainment team is always well informed and on the right track. Thomas has dedicated his life to the success of Thirsty Entertainment.

Troy Shrimp

Co-founder & CFO
Born in Australia, Troy is a leading security and business administration expert. Holding certificates in justice and administration, he provides the company with legal insight. Employed as a security officer for the past two years and having past sales experience, he has great people skills. An expert in keeping track of business activity, Troy ensures Thirsty Entertainment is running proficiently and that all business records are accounted for.

Business Model

Innovative share structure

Thirsty Entertainment has chosen to use the Bitshares network and its OpenLedger exchange to create tokens that are essentially a stake in our company. This allows interested third parties the opportunity to invest in our framework.

Investors who buy THIRSTY Digital Assets can trade those assets for other digital assets or currencies, and as our platform profits, stake holders are paid dividends depending on the amount of stake they hold in the company and the dividend amount agreed upon by the company’s board of directors. The board of directors also decide who to delegate asset issuance permissions too.

Company delegates are entrusted with the issuance of new assets and how they are distributed in accordance with the strategic direction of the company. To issue new assets, each new issuance requires the permission of each of the company delegates signatures.

The Bitshares network uses a multi-sig feature that requires multiple user accounts to give permission before changes can be made to an existing asset. Using this feature, company delegates’ accounts are added to the assets permissions, meaning that their accounts must give permission before a proposed change to the asset can be carried out. This allows us to issue new assets fairly, trustingly, and compliantly.

We have created a crowd sale initiative to introduce our THIRSTY tokens. You can participate here: https://thirsty.online/product/crowd-funding-campaign-for-thirsty-entertainment/

Headquarter Location & Mailing Address:
9 Parish Street,
4818 Australia


Phone number:
(+61) 0499 176 475

Company Name: Thirsty Entertainment Limited
Company Number: 617 691 835
Registrar: Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Business Name: Thirsty Entertainment
Registrar: IP Australia, Australian Government
Trademark Number: 01818430
Reference Number: 37440459113

Thirsty Records – Music Production
Streams Global – Music Streaming Web Service
Client Services – Content creation, brand development, marketing strategies

Thirsty: https://thirsty.online
Streams: https://streams.global

Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thirstyofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThirstyOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thirstyentertainment
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thirsty-entertainment-69ab1b137/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbx3Spjr8TemnVab0Qpdo7g