Why Thirsty Entertainment?

Nothing feels better than quenching your thirst, especially when you’re thirsting for something more. Thirsty Entertainment aims to quench the thirst of dehydrated media creators and consumers who’re looking for a more fun & fairer way to enjoy the entertainment they love without the moral ambiguation of old media monopolies. Everyone gets a drink around here!

What is digital media?

Digital media is anything that you find online, whether it be video, text, audio, or even video games.

What is digital currency?

Digital currencies are tokens created on peer-to-peer networks. Digital currencies can be bought, sold, or used for every day transactions just like your typical dollar. The difference is that it’s digital, not physical, and is controlled by networks of people, not banks.

What is Streams?

Streams is a music network for all to enjoy. Musicians can use Streams to upload their music, connect with the fans, and get paid digital rewards when people vote on their music. Listeners can also enjoy digital rewards just for listening to and curating music. Streams encourages people to contribute and collaborate by providing reward incentives unlike any other platform on the market.

What is Thirsty Records?

Thirsty Records is the world’s first music label to adopt digital currencies as a form of everyday commerce. Thirsty Records utilizes different music distribution applications, like Streams, to distribute their artists and return rewards straight back to the artist, regardless of sale quota and without fees. Thirsty Records accepts digital currencies for everyday transactions, and only accepts payment for services rendered. Unlike other recording labels, Thirsty Records does not take percentages of music royalties making it the most unique recording label of the digital age.

How do I get rewards?

Rewards are distributed on our applications, such as Streams, using the Steem blockchain. The Steem blockchain distributes rewards to users based on the amount of stake holder votes they received during a voting period. While that sounds complicated, all you need to do to get rewarded is to use the platform and vote for content, or, you can upload your own content and earn votes for yourself. Simple.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a database network used as a digital ledger for digital currency transactions. It is called a blockchain because pieces of information are stored in blocks and each block is then linked to the block before it creating a chain-link of data. Each block is signed by a witness working on the network and can be tracked publicly by anyone at any time.

How do I invest?

You can invest in Thirsty Entertainment by purchasing our very own THIRSTY digital asset, either during our crowd sale, or on the OpenLedger network (After October 1st when all assets have been issued). You must have an OpenLedger account to be able to receive, send, buy, or sell THIRSTY assets. Follow the link below to get started.


How are dividends paid to investors?

Dividends are paid to THIRSTY asset holders once per financial year (June 30th). The amount of dividends a stake holder receives is dependent on two things:

  1. The percentage of profit to be dispersed to stake holders for that financial year.
  2. How many THIRSTY assets held by a stake holder.

Dividend percentages are decided by a Board of Directors which is then announced to the public during our annual earnings report. Our first public annual earnings report is scheduled for June 2018.