Thirsty Entertainment’s Digital Asset Crowd Sale




Thirsty Entertainment is issuing THIRSTY digital assets on October 1st. Early investors have the opportunity to receive a share in 25,000 THIRSTY digital assets during a THIRSTY crowd sale.

THIRSTY digital assets allow share holders to vote on director proposals and receive dividends each financial year. Investors also receive a copy of our private business proforma.

Early investors will receive three stock splits before assets are issued on October 1st. This means that 200,000 THIRSTY assets will be available to those who invested during the THIRSTY digital asset crowd sale.

The percentage of shares issued to an early investor is dependent on the overall amount they contributed during the crowd sale campaign.

Those who participate in the crowd sale will be able to see the amount they have contributed and the overall amount contributed to date. Once the crowd sale is complete, investors can view the amount of assets they will receive on October 1st from this website.

In order to register your account you must have an OpenLedger account. You will not be able to register for the crowd sale without an OpenLedger account. This is due to the fact that THIRSTY assets will be distributed into your registered OpenLedger accounts.

THIRSTY Asset Schedule (2017 – 2018)

Initial Shares Issued:

100,000 (THIRSTY) User Issued Assets created on the Bitshares network
30% employees (30,000)
30% founder (30,000)
25% co-founder (25,000)
15% seed investors (15,000)

+20% Crowd Sale (25,000)


Employee Share Incentive:

2000 (THIRSTY) UIA is to be split among employees each week, excluding the founder and co-founder.
This share incentive is to set to expire following THIRSTY Crowd Sale, at which point all staff will be paid a regular wage.


Crowd Sale Issuance:

An additional 25% (25,000 THIRSTY) UIA are to be created and issued to investors during crowd sale.
Amount issued to each investor is decided upon the percentage they contribute during the funding round (% of 25,000 THIRSTY = % of total capital contribution).

Stock Splits:

There are to be three stock splits before THIRSTY digital assets are issued to share holders.
Each split is to occur once every two months starting one month after the initial crowd sale issuance before public issuance on October 1st.
– 125,000x 2 = 250,000
– 250,000 x 2 = 500,000
– 500,000 x 2 = 1,000,000


Initial Public Offering:

All 1,000,000 assets are scheduled to become available on public exchanges on October 1st 2017. All THIRSTY asset holders will be issued their due amounts on October 1st and will be free to trade their assets freely.

Future Asset Issuance:

Future asset issuance is to be decided by a Board of Directors to be appointed by majority shareholders, whom will be appointed before the announcement of our first annual earnings report (June 2018).

Market Liquidity:

To ensure liquidity on our October 1st issuance, Thirsty Entertainment will be funding THIRSTY with $10,000 AUD.

Legal Info

THIRSTY Digital Asset Terms of Use

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