Thirsty Records

What is Thirsty Records?

Thirsty Records is our first content production service.

Thirsty Records is different from other music production labels as it’s the first recording label to use blockchain applications to distribute content and the first recording label to accept digital currencies as a form of commerce. Blockchain applications provide a free-market philosophy whereby our artists can be more independent.

Thirsty Records core philosophy is to give more and take less. Our revenue model is based entirely around production services, cutting distribution costs for artists by using digital distribution. Utilising digital distribution applications such as Streams, we cut distribution costs tremendously.

Thirsty Records products can be accessed from this website’s online store. Our store includes the ability to trade products for digital currencies, making Thirsty Records the very first music recording label to tap into the digital assets market.


We will not be signing any artists until we have expanded our operations – estimated time frame: June 1st


Currently we have one studio in Brisbane, Australia, situated in our current base of operations. It includes audio interfaces, Studio Monitors, Condenser Microphones, Preamps, MIDI controllers, soundproof walls, and added features for comfort.


We currently record & produce artists in the Brisbane, Australia region. Bookings start at $50 per hour. Each booking is for a one hour time slot and includes an on-site sound engineer to help you with your production. Daily & weekly bookings are available at a discounted price.

Distribution prices vary depending on the packages offered by our manufacturers. If artists wish to produce and distribute physical copies of their recordings they can discuss these pricing packages with on-site management once production has finished.

Studio hire does not include access to instruments, other than recording & mixing equipment.


If you’d like to make a booking or wish to show us your tapes you can contact us by emailing or calling (+61) 0499 176 475.
Alternatively, you can send mail to our headquarters:

Thirsty Entertainment
9 Parish Street
Spring Hill, Brisbane
Queensland 4000